With thought-trough stages of development, from the first design step to construction realization and well founded FEM calculations, accompanied by a broadbased engineer know-how gained at vast number of various project-applications of driving, flight and leisure simulations, LaBrOs Engineering team leads their client's products to success.

Our company's rock-solid, honest and human-orientated alignment makes the cooperation most advantageous.

LaBrOs tries to understand client's issues, integrates itself into codevelopment, either makes constructive suggestions for improvment or gaves important, product optimizating, hints. Thereby, we have in mind all of the product development's aspects. Starting with economics, followed by function, up to material efficiency, durability, solidity and high quality standard for the realisation.

Leaded by co-workers with many years of experience and therefore view to extensive construction challenges, each one project can be provided with a longterm employees of specializations widest variety.

We offer practical and vocational training, guided by these experienced co-workers, for following universities:

- TU Berlin
- TU Braunschweig
- Universität der Bundeswehr, München
- HTW Berlin